Bathroom Floors

All of my dogs have wanted to rest on the bathroom floor’s cool tile, while watching me get ready in the morning, but I’ve always banned such activity. Stepping barefoot onto a floor covered in dog hair after showering is loathsome. I would almost prefer brushing my teeth with sand paper.

But years have passed and a couple of those dogs have too.  When I think about those dogs, I always wish for more time with them.  I can’t have that, but I can make an effort to include my current dog in my life as much as possible.

IMG_20131101_160123I recently lifted the bathroom ban for Tootsie.  She is pleased with this small, but significant change, in the morning routine.  And I am, too.  I have a dog who wants to spend time with me.  Isn’t that a big part of what this relationship based training is about?

As for the extra dog hair, I’ve just been sweeping daily. (Okay, twice daily.)

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