Krystynne doesn’t like the taste or smell of coffee.  But she tolerates the aroma that fills the house when I make my cup once, twice, sometimes even three times a day.  She even bought the machine I use to brew my favorite roast.

Krystynne puts others’  wants, needs, likes, and dislikes before her own.  Her smile is inspiring.  She likes carbs, a good run, and reading memoirs.  The speckles of dry oil paint on her desk are record of her work as an artist.  In addition to a brush and canvas, she’s also handy with a camera.  She took most of the photos found on this website.

I met Krystynne at a junior high track meet almost 10 years ago.  We’ve spent the last decade growing up together.  We both attended West Virginia University for undergrad.  Krystynne concentrated her studies on the biology of human health and medicine.  These interests have directed her to pursue a career in the medical field.

Dogs love her, and she loves them.  Her interactions with animals are simple, joyful, and unassuming.  Watching her with Tootsie is a reminder that formal training has very little to do with the development of a meaningful relationship between human and dog.  Though she does not claim to be a dog trainer, many of us (and our dogs) would benefit from an approach similar to Krystynne’s.