“We had hit a wall in our performance training before meeting Andrew.  Harley’s overall reactivity was certain to prevent us from continuing to make progress toward our performance goals and was starting to impact his daily life.  Andrew provided a structured system of working with Harley that can best be compared to rehabilitating an athlete.  Harley quickly began learning new behavior chains, and he can now approach his environment in a more relaxed way with the additional coping skills.  This “therapy” has allowed our performance to be successful again with Harley earning his first AKC agility title this year.  More importantly, I feel that Andrew’s guidance was the key to unlocking our partnership.  I know the sky is the limit when Harley’s needs are honored and we are working together as a team.”

Richelle Zirkle – Carmichaels, PA


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Andrew Nelson since 2007.  In that time I’ve had the opportunity of working with him, and observing his work, with a number of dogs.  Andrew is the real deal.  He has what people call “a way with dogs” – they like him, feel comfortable with him, and enjoy working with him.  Andrew has an obvious natural talent for tuning in to, and building cooperation with, his canine students. From what I have observed, I fully believe that the dogs themselves are aware of his respect and appreciation as well – of their individuality, their strengths, and their unique talents.  These are uncommon abilities – even among dog trainers – and combined with his strong interest in learning and behavior, make him a superior trainer.  I have great confidence in Andrew and believe that, as good as he is now, has the potential to become one of the top trainers around.  Besides all this, he is pleasant, caring, enthusiastic, and a reliable individual who will work hard to help you bring out the very best in your dog.  I highly recommend him.”

Julie Cantrell, BSc, CPDT, CDBC – Canine Behavior Services


“Andrew is an amazing young man.  He possesses many talents and as a trainer of animals Andrew is very well-versed in behavioral dynamics.  Andrew strives for excellence in all he does.  He has an innate love of dogs and they respond to his caring, gentle, patient approach to training.  I am a breeder of collies and have entrusted several of my young dogs to Andrew, some for weeks at a time for training, socializing and conditioning.  They have all enjoyed their time with Andrew and return having learned new tricks and improved manners.  The time he has spent with my dogs has been invaluable to me as well as to the collies.  One young male, Nick, was trained by Andrew prior to going to his new home.  The family taking Nicholas wanted him trained to walk with their two young children.  They also wanted Nick to run alongside them as they trained for a triathlon.  Andrew accomplished all of this and more.  Nick moved into his new home demonstrating excellent house manners, behaving like he had always been part of the family.  I would recommend Andrew to work with anyone’s dogs, without hesitation.  Your life will be richer for having met him.  Mine certainly has been.”

Suzanne Berggren, MSW, LSW – Nightwind Collies


“We were skeptics about what a behaviorist could do for us.  My husband, in particular, is a real do-it-yourself-er.  We figured that with good intentions, hard work, and equipped with the power of the internet, we should be able to help our newly adopted 7 year old dog with separation anxiety ourselves.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  She actually kept getting worse, despite us following all the advice we had heard: “more exercise,” “different food,” “dominate her.”  We tried kongs, thunder shirt, tape recordings.  In desperation, we finally broke down and called Andrew.  He was able to show us how to tweak what we were doing in order to change our dog’s responses.  We learned what motivates her, and we now understand her better.  We are amazed by the improvement in a dog who was so anxious that it had even been suggested that she be put down.  Not only can we now leave her alone without her being destructive, but she seems happier, and like a “normal dog.”  Andrew is able to look at dogs in their current environment, and suggest what will work for each specific dog.  Andrew has a gift, and is well worth the investment.”

Laura Davisson, MD – Morgantown, WV


“Andrew provided some outstanding lessons in dog training when I needed to take care of three dogs for several months.  His program was a very holistic approach that gave me the tools I needed to really see some changes in behavior.  Following Andrew’s advice and program created an enjoyable experience with the dogs for me, as well as happier, healthier, and calmer dogs.”

Elizabeth – Pennsylvania


“When we decided to adopt our beagle mix, Lucy, we knew she was quite an assortment of high-strung dogs.  She was an emotional wreck, and that didn’t change as she grew into an adult.  At age 7, Lucy was violently territorial and would bark at the windows at anything walking by the house.  She actually tore a screen with her claws barking at someone walking by outside.  She would not hesitate to bite any stranger trying to come in.  We had to isolate her whenever we had company, and when we did she made everyone miserable.  She could bark, actually screech, for hours.  She would work herself up into a seizure.  It was miserable, and we thought that was how it had to be.

Andrew taught me that Lucy was only limited by my perceptions of her.  She was a rescue that came with baggage, but that didn’t mean all this hysteria had to be a way of life for her.  He worked with both of us for a very short time with amazing results.

Lucy no longer feels the need to stand guard watching out the windows and barking.  She recently stayed in a room with a closed door and entertained herself while we had company – no panicky barking.

When my grown children have visited at home, they have been amazed at the difference in her.  We were all at the point of just giving up and not really liking her all that much, but Andrew changed that.  Lucy is happier and so is the rest of the family.  Andrew understood exactly what was going on with her and the dynamics of my household.

I would recommend his services to anybody with a pet.  I have never met a person with such a complete understanding of what motivates animals and what really goes on in their heads.  He was patient and his directions for how I was to work with Lucy were always clear.  I am so glad we met!”

Cathy Bonnstetter – Morgantown, WV